What is Astral Projection

It is simply separating your astral body from your physical body and projecting or putting it in a place or condition that you want.
Now you ask, What is this thing called astral body? It is a body which we all have but it is invisible. It is called astral because it is likened to the star. The word "astral" comes from the Latin word "astrum" which means "star". It is likened to the star because like the star it is heavenly. In other words it is our heavenly body.
How do we know we have this astral body? We know it by our experience of dreaming, specifically the dreaming which occurs just before we wake up. When we dream during this part of our sleep it is our astral body that sees and feels things around. Our physical body is not involved in this because it is still lying in bed. It is still sleeping.

And that is why I said in the beginning of this article that all of us have experienced astral projection but are not aware that we are experiencing this already. All of us dream just before we wake up. And in such a dreaming state we are out of our physical body and are performing astral projection

There is a way of traveling which does not entail any cost, either in money or in time. You get to your destination by an act of your will, not by riding any transportation. This way of traveling is called astral projection.
The strange thing about this way of traveling is that all human beings have used it although they may not be aware of it.
In the late 1860s a song spread across the United States which originated with the Negroes. Later this song entered into the mainline churches and today is sung even in Catholic churches. This song is part of the group of songs called the Spirituals. The title of this song is "Where You There When They Crucified My Lord?"
If you were asked today whether you were there when the Roman soldiers crucified Jesus some 2000 years ago, you would most probably answer, "No, of course, I was not there. I was not even born yet."
And yet that Negro Spiritual song expresses a reality most of us are not aware of. This reality is that yes, you and I were there when they crucified Jesus. We can be there again today by astral projection. We can travel to that time and place when they drove nails into the hands of Jesus.
I like this song as an illustration of astral projection because it has a line which describes what happens when you go on this kind of trip. That line says, "Oh, sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble." Our bodies do vibrate or tremble when we go on astral projection. How did the composer of this song know that the body trembles? Because that was their experience, that as they thought about the crucifixion their bodies did indeed tremble.

What Astral Projection Is Not
Astral projection is not imagining you are on a trip to some place. It is not thinking you are in an airplane on the way to Europe or some other destination. You may be daydreaming but not astrally projecting.
Astral projection is not visioning or seeing things from a distance without the aid of your five senses. This is clairvoyance, not astral projection.