Astral Projection Stories

What really happens during astral projection? If you have come across any astral travel stories, you will realize that each out-of-body experience is unique to each person. No two individuals have the same experience. However, these experiences may have a unifying factor in them. Here are five common occurrences in these stories:
Seeing one's self from a different point of view. A common experience that we gather from these astral projection stories is that the person who has an out-of-body experience finds himself looking at his physical body as though he were in someone else's shoes. A pianist who shared his astral projection experience tells of how he realized he was watching himself perform in a church concert, and for a few seconds, he actually wondered what his physical body would do next.

Another astral traveler who had undergone a leg operation at six-years old, (he was 32 when he finally realized that he had an out-of-body experience at such a young age) recalls that he found himself waking up in the middle of the surgery and watching the doctors performing the operation. Such experiences are typical of astral projection, because this is when the physical and the astral mind separate from each other.
The experience of flying. People who have shared their astral stories recall the feeling of weightlessness, and how, because of this lightness, they often find themselves flying or hovering above their physical bodies. In one such story, the person found himself so "light and vaporous" that he attempted to roll his astral body out of his physical body and later found himself floating in the area and watching his physical self in deep sleep.
You meet people who are long dead. The desire to see loved ones who are long dead is one of the reasons that people are curious to try astral travel. In many astral projection stories we have come across, we've heard of people who have met relatives or family members who have long passed. Keep in mind, however, that the "person" you are meeting, shaking hands with, or hugging during astral projection, is also the astral self of your now deceased loved one.
You can do things that your physical body can't. People who have shared their astral projection stories say they have been able to walk through walls or doors when they reached the astral state. Even people who are said to be blind in real life can see colors vividly in the astral plane once they've managed to do astral project.
You'll visit places you've never seen. One of the most exciting experiences brought about by this experience is the ability to go to physical or astral places one has never visited in real life. In some of the astral projection stories we've come across, we've heard of cases in which individuals who travel to new places will suddenly get this feeling of deja vu in which they realize that they have, in fact, visited this new place before during astral travel.
If your fears are getting the better of you, remember that the best way to enjoy astral travel is to open your mind and take in all the sights and sensations. You will see that, as with many who shared their astral projection stories with us, astral travel is truly an out-of-this-world experience that you shouldn't pass up.