5 Benefits to Astral Projection


Astral Projection, like meditation is an exercise of the mind. Some would say that it's a none exercise because the idea is not to exert yourself, but to energize. To explore the astral realm could be akin to exploring your physical environment. Some people are content residing within same 250km radius their entire life, but other want to know and experience everything. Our physical world is vast but that's only the tip of the iceberg because the universal realm of energy and though is basically infinite. I don't have to give you the benefits of exploring people, places and things because culturally we are wired to indulge. There are some benefits to exploring your dream world using astral projection on the other hand. Here are 5 of them;

1. Practicing Astral projection will reduce your fear of the unknown

A lot of grown adults are scared of the dark. Not literally... but in the sense that if something unknown creeks in the night, it will straddle them. That's okay, there's nothing wrong with being scared. Practicing astral projection on the other hand,  can make you more aware in these situation because your learn to experience different mind states. Sometimes when learning to astral project, you get chills or paralysis. Sometimes you feel a presence or see something. The more you astral project, the more normal paranormal event becomes.  

2.  Astral travel is relaxing

If you feel like relaxing and that you need to clock out mentally you can. That's the idea of astral travel actually. You need to relax to astral project. In today's world, relaxing and thinking of nothing is good. Watching yourself sleep can be oddly relaxing.

3. You can develop better intuition

Both astral projection and lucid dreaming can give you access to your subconscious and the super-consciousness. You subconscious are the thoughts that you have before your ego scrambles them. The super-consciousness on the other hand , is like the internet of though. It contains everyone's thoughts, feelings and emotions...ever. It's the Akashic Records as told by famous psychic, Edgar Cayce. Fishing up experiences and emotions will make you more sensitive to picking them up in the physical world.

4. It will reduce the fear of death

For people who are terminal in any disease or condition, reducing the fear associated with leaving this earth is top priority. Some people just need to confront their own mortality. Astral projection gives you access to what has become known as the spirit world. There, they can explore death from a variety of experience and pretty much access every passing in the history of death. If they wanted to that is.

5. Astral projection can allow you to better get to know yourself

As mentioned, astral projection is simply a method known to access the spiritual realms of existence. It's like your personal connection to the internet. There you can visit past lives, communicate with spirit guides or examine the tides that are pushing you in life. Astral travel allows you to read your story from an objective point of view. Better getting to known yourself will lead to truly finding and following your destiny.

Having an consciously induced out of body experience is not the only way to reap these benefits as many other mind exercises can be beneficial. Astral projection is simply better suited to reach depth of consciousness.

Thank you for reading and happy travels. You can follow my progress in how I'm learning greater depth of thought through astral projection at http://astralprojection-guide.com/



Astral projection is not only a safe, but also a fun activity. Moreover, it can help you advance materially and spiritually. Get rid of the various baseless fears about astral projection and learn to project. You must have heard about the Monroe technique of astral projection.

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you use the Monroe technique successfully.

Robert Monroe's Out of Body Experiences

Bob Monroe discusses how he came to create the Monroe institute and the Hemi Sync system. He gives an insight into his out of body experiences and his journey to enlightenment.

He was one of the first people back in the 50´s to oraganise scientific studies on consciousness.

He gained a knowing through experience, as opposed to belief, that we survive physical death. An experienced which took away his fear of death.

He describes how we arrive as a alien vortex of energy to earth, that our purpose here is to learn. We are here to learn a measurement system such as pain and pleasure. We need both as to know what the alternative is. We learn to manipulate energy which has a great value both on earth and elsewhere and in the process we acquire an intellect and analytical ability.

How to Have an Out of Body Adventure

There are several Astral Projection tips and techniques you can try to achieve an out of body experience. This is the act of travelling to another plane - the astral plane - by focusing on leaving your physical body behind. During this phase your consciousness and your astral body separate together from your physical body. You still have use of all your five senses as well as the senses that are used in the astral body. Most of the time, people who leave their physical body feel as if they are floating as a sense of lightness takes hold.
You can either astral project during sleep or by inducing it whilst you are awake. If you have experienced very vivid dreams while sleeping then chances are good that this was actually astral projection at work.
Is it safe?

Astral Body

Have you ever experienced coming out from your physical body, in a form of a light, an essence or an energy? That is your astral body, a soul, life-force or chi. It is perhaps some of us has experienced, getting out from our bodies in a dream, going through Out-of-Body Experience, or Near-Death Experience. These are all indications of astral projection or astral travel.
Astral projection, which also means "astral travel", is a mode of out-of-body experience (OBE) that asserts the presence of an "astral body" distinct from the physical body and able of wandering out from within its physical form. It signifies the astral body parting the physical form to traverse in the astral sphere.
The notion of an astral essence crossing over originated in most religious scripts of the afterlife, by which the mind or the soul travels or takes off is designated in certain accounts as an out-of-body experience, by which the spirit essence departs the physical body and wanders about in his/her astral body.

Astral Projection Dangers

Having an out-of-body experience sounds incredibly interesting to you but you hesitate because of the dangers that some people claim such an experience could bring. There is no reason not to learn how to do astral projection. Experts say that everyone can do astral projection although not everyone knows how to do it deliberately. The only time you need to worry about any astral projection danger is when you do it when you are not in the right state of mind. And even then, the only danger is in confusing yourself by not having any control over where you are going in your astral travels.
Critics of astral travel claim that there is an astral projection danger in that the cord that connects the astral body with the physical body could be severed and the astral body, which is the subconscious mind, would be unable to return to the physical body.

Is Astral Projection Real

If you have wondered whether astral projection is real or not, then this article is going to give you a few ways to prove it to yourself. Many mystics have claimed in the past that they can truly leave their body. In a few cases, some have even claimed that they can even visit the past and see the probable future. I hope this article will help you answer the question "Is astral projection real?".
One of the most common ways that people have gathered evidence and proof about astral projection is to view an object like a card in a separate room. For example, the subject would be in one room and the object would be taped onto a wall in a different room. The subject would then leave their body and find out what type of card it is.