Astral Projection Experiences

Are astral projection experiences real? Or are they simply complex hallucinations? Are some OBE'S imaginary... or are they ALL evidence that the soul leaves the body and explores the astral realms? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at astral projection experiences, and evaluate the evidence that supports that they are as REAL as the experience you are having while reading the text on your screen at this very moment. :-) Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!
What REALLY happens during astral travel?

It sort of depends on what you believe...and who you ask. In my view? We each have a "subtle" or energetic body. For lack of a better metaphor, the energy body is your TRUE self...that which exists outside of your physical self, and that which most people associate with the idea of a soul or spirit. Astral projection allows this energy to expand and leave your LOCAL consciousness (that which sees the world from your physical self) to one of NON LOCAL consciousness.....or one that sees the world through a position outside of your physical self. (which is why so many people FIRST see themselves from a position ABOVE their bodies when they have an out of body experience, a near death experience, or anything that resembles an OBE)
Okay.....but are they real, or simply all imaginary?
It really depends on what you consider real. Reality is simply a label for an experience. An astral projection experience, for example....where you SEE things in very specific detail that later can be verified, is as real as it gets from my perspective..:-) When you see people, for example....doing very specific things that are hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, and your account JIVES 100% with what was really happening in those spaces, it's hard to argue that something very special happened.
Is there SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that ever happens?
Absolutely. LOTS of it too. The US government conducted 10 year studies in remote viewing and developed astral projection partitions to work as psychic spies. The program (Operation Star gate) was eventually discontinued and recently declassified.....but the results were often AMAZING, completely unexplainable and supportive that these people WERE in fact doing what they purported to be doing. (e.g. - traveling in the astral realms to places far, far away.....without getting out of their chairs)