Is Astral Projection Real

If you have wondered whether astral projection is real or not, then this article is going to give you a few ways to prove it to yourself. Many mystics have claimed in the past that they can truly leave their body. In a few cases, some have even claimed that they can even visit the past and see the probable future. I hope this article will help you answer the question "Is astral projection real?".
One of the most common ways that people have gathered evidence and proof about astral projection is to view an object like a card in a separate room. For example, the subject would be in one room and the object would be taped onto a wall in a different room. The subject would then leave their body and find out what type of card it is.
Unfortunately, this method has always brought mixed results. Often times the subject would get one part of the card right like the color or possibly the suit, but the other part would be off. Some believe that there is a reason for the mixed results.
Another example of mixed results on astral travel was a study done with a participant who could leave their body, and would go to the probable future the view the winning lottery numbers. The astral traveler would with good accuracy obtain the winning lottery numbers when he did not play, but when he did play the lottery the winning lottery numbers would be off by one digit or two. Now is the universe playing a trick on us or are we supposed to have limits to what we can do while we are in physical reality?
The best way to prove astral travel is real is to prove it to yourself. The best method I have found is to travel to the astral plane and to visit the transitional area. This is the place where people go after they die. This is the best way to gather information for yourself. For example, communicate with the people in this area and talk to them about the life that they just had. When you return to the physical research the people that you just communicated with and check to see if the data you gathered lines up with your experience.
It seems like the universe or the larger consciousness system will only allow you to prove things like the existence of astral projection to yourself and not anyone else. So is astral projection real? I believe it is very real, but I can only prove to myself,