How to Have an Out of Body Adventure

There are several Astral Projection tips and techniques you can try to achieve an out of body experience. This is the act of travelling to another plane - the astral plane - by focusing on leaving your physical body behind. During this phase your consciousness and your astral body separate together from your physical body. You still have use of all your five senses as well as the senses that are used in the astral body. Most of the time, people who leave their physical body feel as if they are floating as a sense of lightness takes hold.
You can either astral project during sleep or by inducing it whilst you are awake. If you have experienced very vivid dreams while sleeping then chances are good that this was actually astral projection at work.
Is it safe?

It is very safe to astral project as often as you like. Despite some myths, nothing can enter your physical body whilst you are on the astral plane. Your body is completely safe where you left it. Your body is however at risk of sudden shock if something such as a loud noise or jolt takes place. For this reason it is vital to only astral project in a location that is quiet and free of active people.
Other Types of Projection
Other types of projection are mental projection, etheric projection, bilocation and mental projection. It is said that mental projection is the easiest method as the consciousness will focus anywhere you direct it.
The Methods
One method to astral project is to sit in a chair and relax. Start inhaling and exhaling slowly but make sure you don't fall asleep. Concentrate on your breathing and start picturing yourself about 5 feet away from yourself. Make sure you focus on this image and observe yourself from a distance. Then start moving your astral arms and feet and get in touch with your astral senses of hearing, taste, touch and smell. It won't take long until the final sense of sight is achieved, as this is often the hardest sense to engage in your astral body.
Another method to astral project is to use the easier mental projection act and then get your astral body to follow along. This is an ideal method if you are experienced with mental projection but new to astral projection.
All astral projection methods require some practice and patience as well as a lot of persistence. Some of the aspects that will determine how successful your astral projection is include focus, relaxation level, outside distractions, breathing techniques, mental imagery and practice.
There are also specific technological tools that can be used that will help you to achieve an Astral Projection much easier.